Jobs are dealing since 1985. year.
Quality of service
Organizations in accordance with the quality assurance system guarantees high quality of our services

Area of work
Jobs tests of air emissions are carried out within the department general technical measurement – Safety in accordance with the Regulation on limit values for emissions of air pollutants from stationary sources (N.N. 127/12).

Our products cover a significant number of tests of air emissions prescribed the Regulation of various technological processes including combustion plants.
Tests of pollutant emissions that we can not spend ourselves measurement is sampled, and the sample given on the analysis of some of the accredited laboratories.
The research was conducted on the basis SOLUTIONS Ministry of Environmental Protection and Planning (Klasa:UP/I-351-02/03-04/0071; Ur.br.: 531-05/2-SK-03-03)


  • RBR ECOM J2KN, gas analyzer (small furnaces);
  • HORIBA PG 250A, gas analyzer (secondary combustion);li>
  • Ratfisch RS 53T (determination of volatile organic compounds TOC);
  • Zambelli 6000 Plus, system for isokinetic sampling (solid particles);
  • SKC, sampling system to various solid supports, impinger and vacuum sampling.

We offer high quality testing at affordable prices.
One of the forms of collaboration and cooperation agreement that allows you to pay monthly installments, which is especially advantageous in the case of a number of emission measurements or if the contract covers and other work from a wide range ZIK’s services (eg safety at work).

* Jobs tests of air emissions are performed as part of the department of general technical measurements – Safety at Work

Analysis of waste

Jobs are dealing since 1996. year.

Authorization of the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning.
Quality of service
Tests carried out according to the requirements of:

  • Ordiance on types of Waste (N.N.27/96);
  • Ordinance on conditions for waste treatment( N.N. 123/97);
  • Regulation on the Requirements for Hazardous Waste Management ( N.N. 32/98);
  • Regulation on categories, types and classification of waste with a waste catalog and list of hazardous waste ( N.N. 50/05);
  • Regulations on Packaging Waste ( N.N. 53/96)

Area of work
We conduct an analysis of waste destined for chemical – physical or thermal treatment and analysis of eluates from waste destined for disposal.
Testing in order to fulfill the minimum technical requirements (MTU) for small and medium-sized enterprises:

  • Noise test and sound insulation,
  • Test pollution,
  • testing ventilation,
  • testing devices for operation and installation.

* Analysis of waste destined for chemical – physical or thermal treatment and analysis of eluates from waste destined for disposal